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Colonial House Decor: It’s a Game of Thrones style

Colonial House decor is so big, so important, so timeless, that even in 2017, it’s still being presented in the way it was designed, according to designer David Pugh.

The decor of Colonial House in Brooklyn, New York, is being presented as if it were a Game Of Thrones style house, said Pugh, whose clients include the likes of Kanye West and Lady Gaga.

The decor is being made from a blend of Victorian-era furniture and Victorian-style furnishings, including glass and stone.

Colonial House, a former home of the British Royal Family, is a historic mansion in Brooklyn that has been renovated for generations.

“The house itself is not that unique, but what I find so interesting about the house is it is very contemporary and very British, in a good way,” Pugh told ESPN.

“We want to be able to show the history of that house and the history and the architecture of the house and how it has influenced generations of people.”

Pugh has a number of clients who are also taking inspiration from the house, including Beyoncé and Kanye West.

Beyoncé’s “Famous” singer Beyoncé is known for her use of the Colonial House to showcase her music.

Pugh said the designer and rapper used the house as a base for her song “Hold Up” during a Grammy performance in 2015.

“He had the same idea, and he went from that song, ‘Hold Up,’ to that song ‘Famous’ and to the song ‘Loving You,’ to the last song ‘The Blacker the Berry,’ which was an album,” Pough said.

“This is just a great example of how people can take the house that is iconic, the house of the aristocracy, and put it into a contemporary context and make it interesting and memorable.”

Pough said the house was inspired by the late Queen Victoria, who died in 1881.

“It was a very Victorian house,” Povey said.

“It had the Victorian-esque style and the French, and it had a lot of French influences, and of course, the English, so the people who were in the house had that accent.”

I think it’s a bit of an old-fashioned thing.

I think it has a very British and Victorian feel to it, a bit more so than a lot other houses that have been done in the past.

“Paugh has worked with the Queen on various projects, including “The Queen’s Englishman,” which she created with the Royal Family and other royal families.”

There’s always been a feeling of that feeling that we’re working with royalty and they’re trying to keep their hands off us, but in this case, it was the people around the Queen that were really doing the work for us,” Poyus said.

Pugh said he hopes the decor will remain an example of what can be done when a designer can focus on creating a design that reflects the people, places and history of the place.”

That’s really what I want to keep working on.

That’s what I wanted to do with this house, is to keep it as an example for designers and artists to see that you can go back and do this thing that was a really special house,” he said.