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How to decorate your house for free?

I recently had to decorating my house for a friend’s birthday because of the high cost of living in the city.

She needed to get a new room because she didn’t have a room in her home. 

In order to make her house look nice, I used a variety of different materials for her room. 

She also used a large number of decorating supplies to make this beautiful room.

This article will show you how to make the most out of the most basic decorating materials.

It is definitely a simple DIY, but it will pay off in the long run. 

To start, you will need:1.

A large square of white fabric2.

A wide strip of white thread3.

A piece of white glue4.

A white piece of string5.

A scrap piece of fabric6.

A paint brush7.

Paint spray8.

Paint sponge9.

Paint paintbrush10.


A ruler12.

A glue stick13.

A drywall screwdriver14.

A screwdriver15.

Tape measure16.

Tape measures17.

Pen and paper18.


Paint brush20.

Wire cutter21.

Wire spray bottle22.

Spray paint sprayer23.


Painted tape25.

Tape brush26.

Tape measuring tape27.

Pen tool28.

Tape measurements29.

Pen spray paint spray nozzle30.


Tape measurement tape32.

Paint mask33.

Scrape paper34.

Tape mask35.

Tape paint mask36.

Tape marker37.

Tape spray paint marker38.

Tape pad39.

Tape glue holder40.

Tape sheet41.

Tape canvas42.

Tape sticker43.

Tape cloth44.

Tape backing45.

Tape frame46.

Tape tape sealer47.

Tape foam 48.

Tape fabric49.

Tape card holder50.

Tape cardboard 51.

Tape wall tape52.

Tape wire rope53.

Tape zip ties54.

Tape string55.

Tape thread56.

Tape roll 57.

Tape paperclip58.

Tape vinyl tape59.

Tape plastic tape60.

Tape glass tube61.

Tape tube tape62.

Tape fiberglass tape63.

Tape ribbon64.

Tape elastic tape65.

Tape duct tape66.

Tape bubble wrap67.

Tape rubber band68.

Tape flexible tape69.

Tape yarn 70.

Tape cotton wool 71.

Tape rope 72.

Tape cable mesh 73.

Tape adhesive tape 74.

Tape electrical tape 75.

Tape thermoplastic film 76.

Tape polyurethane tape 77.

Tape carbon fiber tape 78.

Tape nylon tape 79.

Tape styrene tape 80.

Tape aluminum foil 81.

Tape copper foil 82.

Tape Kevlar foam 83.

Tape acrylic foam 84.

Tape epoxy foam 85.

Tape steel foil 86.

Tape titanium foil 87.

Tape metal foil 88.

Tape magnesium foil 89.

Tape stainless steel foil 90.

Tape molybdenum steel foil 91.

Tape nickel foil 92.

Tape gold foil 93.

Tape platinum foil 94.

Tape palladium foil 95.

Tape silver foil 96.

Tape black steel foil 97.

Tape aluminium alloy foil 98.

Tape ceramic foil 99.

Tape tungsten foil 100.

Tape boron foil