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When I Was a Boy, I Wasn’t an Outlaw: An Exclusive Look at the World’s Most Famous Outlaw House

“We had a house built in the 1870s, and it was an outlaw house.

It had a big, black, gothic roof.

And we were going to use that as our home,” says the owner, Bill Parnell, who owns the home now.

“And it turned out that was not a good idea.

I don’t know how long it was sitting there, but it wasn’t much use.

It was a little bit of a problem.”

In fact, the home was not really a house at all.

The house was an extension of a farmhouse on the outskirts of town.

And its owners had a plan.

The owner was planning to build a farm in the area, and he wanted to put the house there.

The plan was a good one, but the project was far from done.

The owners had built a fence around the house and put in a fence-jammed gate.

There was a barn there too.

The property was owned by two families.

One family owned the house while the other one owned the farm.

In fact, it was owned jointly by two of the two families: the first family was the owner of the farm while the second family was its manager.

So the farm was jointly owned by both of them.

This meant that if one family tried to take the farm away, they were out of luck.

And so the owners set about working on a plan to make sure that they would have the right to do what they wanted with the property.

They wanted the farm to be turned into a restaurant and a home theater.

And they wanted the barn to be transformed into a small theater.

In fact they had already begun the transformation.

In 1885, the owners of the house, William and Eliza Stokes, had sold the farm for $5,000.

The land had been turned into what is now the Parnells’ farm.

The Stokes family had owned the land for years.

But they were planning to sell the land and put it in the hands of their sons.

So they decided to buy it outright.

So the Stokes bought the property outright for $15,000 in 1886, and then sold it to the Stotes, who then bought the land from the Stills and transformed it into a large barn.

The barn was a big barn.

It held about 600 people, but when the owners sold it in 1887, the barn only held about 500 people.

The owners of a large house in New York.

Source: Wikimedia commonsIn the early 1880s, the Stoks’ family decided to use the barn as a home.

They had a small kitchen with a stove, and they also had a large fireplace.

The stove was the only source of heat in the barn.

And when they were having dinner, they would heat the fireplace and then put a bucket in the fireplace to cool it down.

The Stokes had this big, white, gaunt house with a porch.

But the Stokers were not content with the barn, so they decided that they were going for a bigger house with more room and more windows.

The bigger house was to be called the Pernell Mansion.

So in 1884, the Pournells bought the old farmhouse for $16,000, and the barn was transformed into the Pennell Mansion and turned into their home.

The barn was now full of people and the Stops were pleased.

And so was the Pronells.

They made a big deal out of it.

They said, “This is the only house in the county that we own.”

They were not kidding.

They told people that this was the biggest barn they ever had.

And that this house was the largest barn in the country.

The Parnels also said, “[It] is the largest house in America.”

And they were right.

It wasn’t just about being the largest farmhouse in the world.

The building itself was even larger than that.

And the size of the barn made it look like a giant.

The Barn That Built a World