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What’s a ‘Haj House’? A new trend for the home?

A new breed of house decor has been popping up in the US.

And it’s a trend that is changing the way people decorate their homes.

The house decor trend has been gaining popularity over the past year, thanks to the popularity of Airbnb, Pinterest and the growing popularity of social media.

“People want to have a sense of place and have a feeling of belonging,” said Lauren Zeller, a professor of creative communication at San Francisco State University.

“They’re not just going out to a place and having a party, they want to feel like they belong.”

It has been said that if you’re not a house-hungry person, you probably don’t know what a ‘haj’ house is, and even if you do, you’re probably not going to go out and spend the night in one.

But in some parts of the US, it’s becoming more popular than ever.

In a new article in the journal Design, American artist James G. Clark Jr. said he wanted to show that house decor can have a lot more to do with the decorator’s personality than the material of the house.

“There’s a lot of people who feel like there’s a disconnect between the material and the person,” he said.

“I wanted to make sure that when people see something that has a lot to do, it makes sense.”

The concept of the ‘Hijab House’ comes from the Islamic word for a head covering, hijab, which can also be translated as “covering of the head”.

Glimpsing on the topic of hijab, Clark said that he wanted the house to be a metaphor for the Islamic faith.

“What if we’re not the only one who feels like there are a lot differences between us and everyone else?” he said, adding that he was inspired by a family with a “big difference in culture”.

The house will be comprised of three main elements: a central staircase, a central entryway, and a large window.

It will feature a wide range of styles and materials.

The design includes a white curtain with an Arabic script on top.

The central staircase will be made from oak, which makes the staircase more rustic and modern, while the large window will be constructed of reclaimed wood.

The idea is that the staircase will give the home a sense that it’s open and inviting, and that it could be used for activities such as picnics or a family meeting.

The staircase will also be designed with a glass roof, a glass panel on the front that allows light to enter and the back that will provide privacy and ventilation.

The final element will be a small, round table that will have an open floor plan and will be placed on the floor, allowing for a wide variety of seating options.

Glimpse Inside the ‘House of the Hidden Lady’ design, which is being used in the San Francisco Bay Area.