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New ceramic house decorated in ‘Pizza Hut logo’

A new ceramic house in Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood is being decorated in the Pizza Hut logo, which has long been associated with the pizza chain.

A family member told ABC7 New York that they found the house in a dumpster after being told that they were moving out of the home.

“We just couldn’t believe that somebody would put that on our front lawn,” said the family member, who requested anonymity out of fear of reprisal.

“It’s like we’re not even sure where we’re going,” he said.

“I’m just so upset.”

The family moved to the Gowanus area in the late 2000s and they told ABC News that the house had been in their yard for years.

“The house is kind of old.

I guess it’s probably been in there for about five years,” the family said.”

There’s a lot of graffiti on it.

I think they’ve been painting it for a couple years,” said neighbor Maria Diaz, who also declined to give her name.

Diaz said that the family had recently been living in the neighborhood, which is known for housing squatters, drug dealers, and gang members.

The family said that they have been living here for about a year, and had recently moved into a rental home.

The house is now owned by the family’s cousin, and the family plans to decorate it.ABC7 New Orleans is working to reach out to the owners of the house for comment.