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‘It’s hard to see’: House decor designer’s latest creations fall flat

A designer who designed the Southern house that inspired President Trump’s infamous “I can’t believe he did that” tweet is trying to salvage her reputation after some of her work was condemned as “racist and misogynistic.”

In a blog post Monday, Laura Schmitt said the photos that went viral after the Dec. 21 incident were of a different house than the one in which the president had made his remarks.

“The Southern house was in my imagination a very different place from what was actually in the house,” she wrote.

“This house was decorated by a person who is not white and I am white, and yet I’m called a racist and a misogynist because I was so moved by the President’s words.”

Schmitt, a longtime house decor designer, said she has been inundated with angry messages from people across the country who have complained about the photos, including people who say they were offended by her use of colors.

Schmitt’s work has been criticized by many on the right, including Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon, who said the photo was an attempt to “hide” the Southern influence on the president’s life.

But she said the response from people who have been upset with her work has largely been supportive.

“I get tons of emails and messages from the people who I love and care about,” Schmitt wrote.

“Most people I talk to about my work are very supportive.

They think it’s wonderful and it’s not racist or misogynistic.

Most people are in agreement with my points about the racist and misogynist culture of the Trump era.”

Schmidt said she was not offended by Trump’s use of the words “you can’t even believe it,” but that she felt it was a bit “over the top.”

“I can see people thinking that’s the end of the discussion.

I understand that it is,” she said.

Schmidt has also apologized for the photos on social media and said she did not realize that they were “racist” until a few days ago.

She said she still feels the need to apologize, though, because she feels she needs to help the people she’s been helping in order to do her job properly.

“If I hadn’t been so quick to jump on the Trump train, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post today,” she told The Wall St. Journal.

“It’s difficult to see.

I am not immune from this type of hate.

I’ve been there before.

And I still get angry emails.”

Schultz said she will work with the House Oversight Committee to get the photos removed from her website.

“There’s no excuse for these hateful words,” she added.