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How to build your dream beetlejuices house

How to decorate your home with a little beetlejuicing?

This article is by Arjun Gopal and is republished here with permission.1.

Make sure the floor is clean and dry.

If you have a big house, it can be difficult to keep the floor clean and to keep it in good condition.

You can use a small amount of dry powder or a paintbrush to apply a coat of glue to the wood floor.

The glue is placed on the wood using a dry dowel.2.

Make a circle of wood glue around the floor.

This will make it easier to keep your floor in good shape.3.

Apply a coat to the ceiling.

This is to protect the ceiling from the humid atmosphere.4.

Install a fan and dry the floor of your home.

You need to keep an eye on the air and the temperature in your home to make sure it is getting enough humidity.5.

Install the ceiling fans.

You will need them if you want to cool your house.

The fans are mounted on the ceiling and you can use your hands to blow air into the fans.

The air is sucked into the fan and the humidity in your house is raised.6.

Apply an adhesive covering on the floor to keep dust and debris out.

This may seem a bit difficult to do but it will not cause any problems.7.

Apply another coat of plaster and the plaster will form a waterproof seal around the wood.8.

Put the ceiling fan in.9.

Add some light-absorbing plaster in the ceiling as well.

This way you can keep the humidity low.10.

Fill the hole in the floor with dry powder and you are ready to paint your ceiling.11.

Dry the floor by rubbing it with a dry powder stick.12.

Apply the glue and plaster to the wooden flooring.13.

Add a few layers of plaster on the roof to add extra protection.14.

Paint the ceiling, and you will have your house’s interior!

The above article is a guest post by Arvind Gopal, co-founder of the website, ‘Bazaar of Life’.