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How to find the best decor for your home

A few months ago, I spent the night on the couch with a few friends watching the TV and chatting about what to buy.

We were talking about a recent remodel we had in my home that we were going to make, and one of our friends said, “Well, I think we should probably go for something more expensive, like a gold-plated table or a silver-plied fireplace.”

I laughed and said, You’re right.

We ended up getting a table from the store that cost about $20,000, but it wasn’t a silver table.

I thought that was crazy because I’ve been a huge fan of gold-and-plating for a long time. 

But there’s a lot of people who think they know what’s best.

They think it’s a natural way to decorate your home. 

It’s like the old adage: “The only way to get a beautiful home is to have a beautiful kitchen.”

So, I started researching the latest trend and discovered the new trend was the gold-painted table.

It’s a great option because the price tag is a little lower than the silver-paint version, and there’s more room for the table to be moved around.

I’m also not allergic to gold-paints.

I bought a gold kitchen countertop and a gold bathroom countertop for $3,000. 

So, I’m not worried about buying a gold table, I just need to make sure it’s gold-colored.

Here are some tips on how to find gold-finished tables that will work for you. 


Look for a table with gold-covered handles.

If you’re buying the table for a kitchen counter, I recommend checking out these tips for gold-treated wood furniture: Woodworker’s Tool Kit: Gold-Painted Table for $6,400 – Woodworkers Tool Kit #11: Gold Painted Table – Kit #12: Gold and Silver-Paced Table for About $3K – If you’re looking for a dining room table, these tips will help you find the perfect gold-tinted table for your dining room. 


If your kitchen counter is wood, you’ll need a gold flooring.

For a gold covered kitchen counter top, you can buy the gold floor covering for about $1,000 or a gold ceiling fan for about about $2,000 for a total of about $12,000 if you’re using flooring from a home improvement store. 


The more gold-enameled your table is, the better it will look.

For kitchen counters, I find that gold-engraved gold is much more expensive than silver-engored gold.

For tables, it’s all about the gold.

The gold needs to be a little darker to match the color of the wood.

If it’s not dark enough, you won’t be able to see the gold on the wood surface. 


I prefer to buy gold-handled or silver-handled gold-framed silver-framing tables.

These are both more durable than a gold or silver table handle and give you the option to choose a different handle if you prefer to use a different metal for the handle. 


If the gold is a solid color, it will last longer.

When purchasing gold- or silver-“framed” silver-backed kitchen counters or table tops, look for a gold surface that’s not chipped, scratched or pitted.

If this is the case, you should be able get it back to its original shine after a few years. 


If your kitchen is decorated with gold, the silver will be even better. 


For dining room tables, you want a table that’s at least two-feet high, one-foot wide and has a table edge.

If possible, you also want to get at least four inches of table surface in the center of the table so you can place a coffee table or two over it. 8. 

As you can see in the video above, there are a few different ways to make your gold-finished kitchen counter table, but I like to go with gold and silver. 


When I bought the table from a Home Depot, I did not notice any problems with the gold surface.

I would recommend going with gold over silver, but if you decide to go for silver, I would suggest trying it on your counter first. 


If any of the tips I mentioned above didn’t work for your kitchen, check out my post on how I found a gold finished table for $21,500.