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When did you first get into DIY?

I was 18 and living in the UK when I moved here in 2003.

I’d never been into decorating before but I had always loved the idea of making something for my friends, so I started looking for things to decorate.

I bought a tin house on my first day in the US, but then my house in Sydney fell down.

It was my first real break into DIY.

The tin house came with a set of 12 chairs, so it was my own little cottage in the back of the house.

I built a big bed in the front and a tiny little bed in a corner.

It’s actually an old-fashioned bed but with the added comfort of the fabric, so you can sleep comfortably in it.

Then I got married, so we moved to the US.

I didn’t want to spend the next 10 years making everything myself, so my mum helped me get started with making everything I could find online.

It was so easy.

I just got all the stuff online and made it myself, but I’m always experimenting.

I try and make things that are more practical than something that I can buy in the shops.

It could be a sofa, a sofa lamp or a bed that has a little divider.

In my home I have lots of bookshelves and cupboards with various designs and styles of furniture, but the one that’s always stuck with me is a little chair with a big bow.

I used to get annoyed when I looked at it, but when I started to make it, I just couldn’t stop thinking about how I could make it even more comfortable and just add a little bow to it.

When you’re not making something yourself, you have to work really hard to make something that is actually useful.

There’s a lot of things I’d like to do, but it’s not really my thing to do them.

I’ve got a lot more to do and I just need to take my time and think about the big picture.

For a lot, it’s about finding a balance between being happy with the things you do and not having to do the things that don’t feel right.

I think I’m a very lucky person.

When I’m really busy, I have the freedom to do whatever I want, but in my home, I’m constantly working on my ideas.

I work from home, which means I can get things done on weekends, but at the same time I’ve been working on some things and I’m like, “Oh, I could just do that on Saturday night.”

The one thing I don’t want is to make things too much, so the more I can focus on what I want to do with my time, the more relaxed I feel.