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Zebra house decorate with house paint

With Halloween approaching, many Canadians are putting their own quirky touches on their houses.

A group of Canadians is creating a unique and quirky house decorating project with their backyard, a house paint project dubbed the Zebra House Decorating Project.

The group of four friends decided to try something new, but not one that they were familiar with.

“We decided to make this house paint from scratch, so we had to learn how to do it ourselves,” said Jason Smith, a student at the University of Manitoba who lives in Winnipeg.

“We had a lot of fun and learned a lot.”

In the end, they created a unique paint scheme for the home.

It’s not as flashy as it sounds, Smith said.

They have painted a few different animals in different places around the home, such as an animal on the porch, a bear on the kitchen, and a zebra on the living room.

“It’s a little bit like, this is the house we live in, and this is where we are going to be living, so I’m not really going to put a picture of a bear in there,” Smith said, adding he is not sure what the outcome will be.

With a new paint scheme, the four of them will be able to enjoy Halloween decorations for years to come.

The group is now sharing their work on their Facebook page, The Zebra Home Decorations, and Smith said the result will be posted on a regular basis.

“We’re just trying to show everyone that we can create something unique, that we have the skill, and that we are not just a bunch of kids trying to make something up,” Smith added.