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How to make a pineapple house in under an hour

I spent two weeks in a pineapple home decorating a house and now I’m sharing my secrets with you.

Here’s everything you need to know about making a pineapple cabin in under 30 minutes.

What you’ll need:For the pineapple:I used pineapple because it is a relatively simple ingredient.

You can also use other fruit for the decoration, like grapes or mangoes.

I made mine from scratch.

I also used a plastic bottle of pineapple juice for decoration, but you could use water or milk if you prefer.

You can also get fresh pineapple in bulk online or at the local pineapple farm.

I used frozen.

I started by slicing the pineapple into 1-inch pieces.

You’ll want to trim off the flesh to make sure there’s not too much skin on the end.

You also want to be sure you’re using a nice, smooth, fresh pineapple.

You don’t want to get the pineapple’s texture all over the place.

I added some fresh basil to the bottom of the pineapple, and then sliced it into 1/2-inch slices.

I also chopped some orange zest from a zucchini into a small amount and added it to the top of the slice.

Next, I put a few small slices of pineapple on top of a plastic bag, and cut the bag into strips.

I then covered the bag with foil to keep the pineapple from drying out.

I put the pineapple on a sheet pan and set it aside to dry.

After the pineapple has been dried, you can start cutting it into strips with a kitchen knife.

It’s important to cut the pineapple strips in the center of the piece so the pieces are evenly spaced.

I’m also not sure how much space is needed for the pineapple in a container.

You may need to trim it back to the exact size you want it to be.

Next you’ll want some plastic wrap.

I didn’t buy it at a store, but I used it to wrap the pineapple pieces.

I cut it into 4 equal pieces and put them in a small bowl to dry on a baking sheet.

Next I took the pineapple and placed it in a plastic container and sealed it.

I placed the pineapple inside a plastic tub with a lid and sealed.

I filled the container with water and then let it sit at room temperature for a week.

After that, I removed the pineapple.

I put it into the fridge and let it thaw for a few hours to set up the pineapple for the decor.

Once the pineapple was ready, I used the plastic bag to seal it up.

I laid a sheet of parchment paper on top and placed the plastic wrap on top.

I covered it with foil and put it in the freezer for a couple of hours.

Next up, I cut the plastic lid off the container and put a piece of parchment towel on top to keep it from getting too hot.

I then covered a small piece of plastic with foil, and placed that piece in the fridge for about 10 minutes to cool.

Next was to cut out the pineapple shapes.

The easiest way to do this is to use your fingers.

I had my fingers on the sides of the container to keep them from slipping out.

I found that a piece that was a little longer and thicker than the other would work best.

I only used two pieces of paper and only used a 1/8-inch seam allowance on the corners.

You could cut them into strips or more pieces if you wanted.

For the decorations, I chose a pineapple tent with a red and yellow base.

I chose to decorate the pineapple with a bunch of colorful flowers, including a cherry blossoms that I cut from a Zucchini.

I used a large plastic bucket to fill it with water.

I poured about half the water into the bottom and filled the rest in the middle.

I kept the water level at the top.

After about 10-15 minutes, I added the flowers to the container.

I took one end of the plastic bottle and wrapped it around the pineapple so that it would sit inside.

I let the water drip down into the container for about 15 minutes, and it dried completely.

Next we put the flowers on the inside of the tent.

I wrapped the end of one end around the plastic bucket and attached it to a string with a hook.

I tied a small loop on the other end to keep all the flowers in place.

I added a bunch more flowers to top the tent to create a little maze of flowers.

Next came the pineapple decorations.

I picked up a handful of pineapple strips, and put each on top a piece or two of plastic.

I layered a bunch on top with flowers and added a few pieces of pineapple to the side.

I left a bunch at the bottom to hold the pineapple together.

I wrapped the pineapple around a plastic sheet and used the end to pull it out.

You’re going to want to leave a little room for the flowers and other decorations to sit.

You want to keep everything nice and neat.

You might need to adjust the placement