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How to make your own beach house

The world’s oldest house is now up for sale for $1.7 million.

The 4,000-year-old building, dubbed the Galvanized House of the Gods, is located in Lake Mead in New Mexico and features an 18-foot-tall “pumpkin-shaped” pavilion that sits on a hillside surrounded by a natural lake.

It was built around the time of the Incas and became known as the “Great White House” because of its spectacular stone walls and decorated facade.

The building has a stunning history, having been built in the late 15th century by the Spanish conquistadors, who built the city.

The house was built as a sanctuary for the local Aztec people who lived there, and was decorated with dozens of paintings, sculptures and decorative motifs.

The house was once used as a school for local children, but eventually it was moved to the park where it remains today.

The seller, a New Mexico-based company called The Great White House Builders, says the Galvánized House has been on the market since March 2016.

It says it’s one of the oldest and largest structures in the country.

“It’s been in the house now for over 40 years, and it’s always been a great time to come and see it,” said company owner and resident, Mike Fazio.

“I just have a feeling it’s gonna be a great house,” he added.

“It’s got so much history, history in the family, and the whole family knows about it, too.”

Fazio says the building was originally constructed by the Inca as a residence, and had its own church, chapel and other structures.

But after a Spanish invasion of the Aztec Empire, the building began to be used as an auxiliary for the Incan army.

The Galvanization House of Gods was built in 1517 and the original name was “Aztec house of gods.”

The house is located on Lake Mead, just south of the town of San Luis Obispo, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) east of Albuquerque.

The building was rebuilt in the early 20th century as a residential development, and has a number of architectural styles.

It includes an eight-story-high (2,948 feet) “Pepsi” style building, which was first built in 1869 and featured an 11-foot (3 meters) high (2 meters) pavilion.

The pavilion was later moved to an adjacent park.

The home is currently for sale through The Great Whites Home Builder’s auction house, which lists the home for $2.9 million.

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