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How to decorate your home

The world’s first ever home decor, designed by a Japanese designer, has been given a stamp of approval by the prestigious Design Museum of the Americas.

The “Silver House” by Miyako Sugimura was inspired by the classic Japanese style of decorating and was inspired partly by the house she grew up in in Tokyo.

“Silver house” is a term coined by the Japanese architectural critic Masaaki Kobayashi to describe homes decorated in traditional Japanese style.

Sugimura is not a household name in Japan, but she has a strong following among Japanese fashion designers, including Nao and Mitsuo Nishimura.

She was awarded the Design Award for Excellence in Japanese Design in 2015 for her “house design” and the International Association of Fine Arts (IAFA) awarded her the International Gold Medal for Architecture in 2019. 

The “Silver” house was inspired from the design of the iconic Japanese house of the same name. 

Its exterior was inspired with silver and a golden roofline. 

“Silver house”, by Miyake Sugimura, is on display at the Design Museum in New York City. 

A Japanese house with a silver roofline and silver windows, designed in the 1930s by architect Miyako Suimura. 

Image: Mitsuō Nishimura The house has a “golden” interior, as well as a golden-colored window pane, which is made of porcelain. 

It’s located in the middle of a lush garden. 

Sugimura has said that the house’s design is “the most perfect house ever” because it combines traditional Japanese design with modern materials and materials used in the contemporary world.

“A house that looks like the one that I grew up with has always been important to me,” Sugimura told The Guardian in 2016. 

She has since been awarded with the International Award for the best house in the world in 2018. 

According to Sugimura’s website, her “Silver Houses” are a product of her fascination with the Japanese design of houses and the Japanese aesthetic of decoration. 

Japanese architect Miyakos Sugimura (centre) creates a golden facade of the house in New Mexico. 

Her design incorporates Japanese tradition, such as traditional Japanese patterns, and contemporary materials. 

 Soyuz-9 rocket.

Image: Nao Nishimura “I was really interested in the way that the golden roof and window pane became the central part of the home,” Sugimoto said.

“The house was meant to be a home that looked like that, that had the sense of being a family home.” 

Sugarimura has also designed the “Silver Silver House”, which is located in a suburb of Tokyo.

The house’s exterior features gold-colored porcelains, while the interior is a golden brown. 

Although it is not the first Japanese house to receive the prestigious designation, the design has earned the approval of the Design Commission of the International Federation of Home Builders. 

Suimura also created the “Ai no Kuni” house in 2011, in which the Japanese word for “silver” is replaced by “silver house”. 

“It’s a design that I really like,” Sugihara said. 

One of Sugimuras most famous creations is the “Penguin House” in New Hampshire, which she also designed in 2008.

“Pegasus House” and “Konbu House” are inspired by Chinese and Japanese traditional homes, respectively. 

(Image: Natsuko Nakayama)The house is located on the New Hampshire coast, but the two houses share a common theme. 

Both houses are located in towns of a similar size and shape, both built of timber, stone, and bamboo. 

These two houses are both influenced by traditional Japanese houses, with each house having a “silver roof”. 

Sugaimura’s designs for the houses also have a “bamboo roof” motif, which was inspired as a result of her love for bamboo.

She is also known for her designs for houses that incorporate traditional Japanese architectural elements such as porcelane, metal, and wood. 

Nakayama has described Sugimura as a “world-renowned Japanese architect who has inspired countless generations”.

“I have been able to work with such an amazing person, who has brought me so much joy and joyousness to life, so much happiness and joy,” Nakayam said in a statement. 

After being selected to the Design Council of the IFA, Sugimura received the International Bronze Medal for her design, which came after being named one of the 10 Most Influential People in Architecture by Forbes magazine. 

This marks the first time an architect has been nominated for the ICAH’s prestigious Design Award. 

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