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“The Lego Movie” stars Jaden Smith and Zayn Malik in a hilarious take on the movie series

The Lego Movie stars Jada Pinkett Smith and Zac Efron as Lego brothers, which includes a new movie that follows their journey to an alternate dimension.

Watch the video below to see the Lego brothers and other famous characters.

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The Lego Brothers.

Lego Movie.


The Lego brothers in the Lego movie.

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The first Lego movie is set in the universe of the Lego universe.

The original Lego movie features Jaden, Zayne, Bricko and others as Lego characters.

Watch the Lego Brothers In Lego Movie: Watch All The New Lego Movie Trailer and more Watch the Lego Movie Starring Zac Efer and Jaden S. Smith.

The latest Lego movies will air on the WB network from July 24-27.

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