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Why you might want to get out of your comfort zone with your home decor

In January, ABC News correspondent Kristin Powers asked Americans to share their favorite holiday decor and the people who did.

It’s a question we have asked in the past and it has been a question Americans have been asking about their homes for years.

 “I have been looking for a new holiday house decor to decorate my home for over a decade,” one person wrote.

“I can’t find a house that looks like my own home without it,” another said.

In this 2017 photo provided by David M. Paulides, a man holds up a display of his Christmas tree at his home in Newport Beach, Calif.

“I think it is just a matter of time until the home decor industry comes under fire for not being the same as other industries and being in line with other consumers’ desires,” another person wrote, adding that “people don’t really care for the same style of decor that they do now.”

The sentiment was echoed by another person who said, “I am starting to find myself in a dilemma about whether I should be using or not using a new decor for my home.

It is just something I don’t have time for now, and I am starting with a home that is a bit more conservative than what I usually go for.”

The same sentiment was expressed by another.

“I think that people will probably be happy to see that Christmas trees, which I used to do, are now gone,” one said.

“But for the people I don, I think that this will have a bigger impact on my life and it will definitely make me look a bit different.”

This 2017 photo by David D. Walker, a father and grandfather, was one of the many pieces of Christmas decor that people submitted for ABC News to use for their home.