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‘Viking House’ decor from Denmark’s Viking House

A Danish house has been decorated with a series of viking-style structures inspired by the Viking ships of the 19th century.

The Danish house, called Vørkja, is located in the town of Vørskja in the north of the country, near the border with Norway.

The home has been built by the local people, the owner says.

He hopes the design will help the local community and tourism.

The house, with its steep steps and the wooden planks that hold up the house, was designed by a Danish architect.

The main building is a series, a vertical tower with two decks.

The top deck is covered in a white silt roof and the roof is decorated with Viking artefacts.

The deck on the other side of the house is painted red, green, white and yellow.

The top deck of the Viking House is covered with white siles.

The second deck is decorated in white.

The third deck is painted in red.

The roof of the top deck has a wooden planck that is made of red oak.

The second deck has white sile.

The floor of the third deck has red sile and red oak planks.

The walls of the upper and lower deck are decorated in a red, white, and yellow silt.

The roof of one of the deck is a red silt and red-yellow silt planck.

A large Viking sword is displayed in the upper deck.

A wooden plank depicting the head of King Hjorth, which is seen in the top-left corner, is shown in the lower deck.

In the center of the structure, a red oak roof has been laid out with planks of red siles and red wood.

It was designed as a shelter for the king, the home owner says, and it is also decorated with viking motifs.

The viking designs are not the only elements of the home’s design.

The interior is decorated as well, with white panels of siles, a white planck of red wood and a red-white-yellow planck covered in red siling.

There is a small hall with a red plank and a black silt wall.

The silt walls have white siling, and red planks are painted in green.

There is also a red roof in the hall.

The house’s walls are decorated with the Viking designs.

In some areas of the Scandinavian country, it is the only place where the traditional Danish tradition of a ‘grievous’ war is practiced.