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How to get the perfect gift for your favorite Chanel house

Chanel House in Chiang Mai, Thailand, has been selling their most popular gift bags for years.

Now, thanks to a new partnership with Hello Kitty, you can now get a Chanel gift card for just $15.

The company announced the partnership on Thursday, and you can check out a new Hello Kitty Hello Kitty bag, which costs just $3.99, on its website.

It’s the first Hello Kitty-branded Hello Kitty gift card to be available on the Chanel website.

Here are the details:For $15, you’ll get a $15 Hello Kitty card for using your Chanel card on Hello Kitty merchandise, including bags, apparel and accessories.

It also includes a Hello Kitty stamp and an “Museum stamp.”

The card will be redeemable for a gift certificate for the Hello Kitty store in Chaitanya, Thailand.

The certificate will include a Hello Kitten stamp.

For $25, you will receive a Hello Kitties Hello Kitty mini card.

You can get up to three Hello Kittys gift cards per customer, and the cards are limited to 10 per customer.

The Hello Kitty cards are available for pre-order on the company’s website.

If you already have a Hello Kate gift card, you’re still eligible for this card.

The card also includes an “Artist Stamp” and an artist name, but no other information is available at this time.